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I'm Cat, international writer, global citizen,  Buddhist practitioner, & new author!

Thank you for being here!


Debut Novel from C.K. Durham

"A spiraling road. A journey everyone must take . . . home," she exhaled softly . . .

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 "A deeply moving and thought-provoking read that remains with you long after you turn the last page! I found myself lost in a blend of fact and fiction and captivated by the experiences of three compelling characters within a fascinating historical background.  Everything is interrelated and as fleeting as the wind." 

Launch Updates

When you buy the book, you support the education of children and girls around the world.

10% of the author’s proceeds from the sale of this book will go to financially support the Pundarika Foundation in Nepal, Tana Yelp Foundation in India, and Humanity Home in Kenya

My Books

My Books

Covert operations. Predictive dreams. Tangled jungle paths. A passionate, whirlwind romance. 


Isabela is haunted by her dreams. When a series of synchronistic events merge her nighttime dreams with reality, Isabela follows her intuition to study with a master watercolor artist in Thailand. She descends the airplane airstairs in Bangkok into an overwhelming heat and a future with unforeseeable consequences. 


Navy pilot Lance Jameson is flying jets off the USS Midway when he is recruited for a covert mission along the Laotian border—and a return to the far eastern land of his youth. 


Mera Rodriguez lives an idyllic life on a small farm in rural El Salvador and is fascinated with the jungle and the myriad of life forms that populate it. Preparations for her quinceañera celebration are underway when government-sanctioned rebels burst into the local church and recruit, at gunpoint, the able-bodied men of her village. Mera must now forge a path of her own.


Charged within the backdrop of the pre-Vietnam war era, three lives converge in an epic, multigenerational novel that spans four decades. Lotus explores the brutality of war, the mysterious interconnection and impermanence of nature, and the freeing power of redemption.

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