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I am Cat, an international writer, global citizen, yogi, Buddhist practitioner, and new author! Thank you for being here!

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My Story

C. K. Durham was born in New York City and spent lazy, idyllic summers in the Adirondack Mountains. Her love of reading started early on, and, by the time she was ten, her free time was spent either browsing the library or curled up with a favorite book, imagining magical realms and faraway lands.


She was later educated at Le Grand Verger in Lutry, Switzerland, a small school hosting students from all over the world. Her time there precipitated an impassioned desire to explore the planet, its people, cultures, languages, and lands. She has lived in Switzerland, Hawaii, Panama, and India and has traveled extensively all over the globe. For several years, she lived alongside a military contract team that flew covert missions along the coast of South America and around the world. 


A mysterious encounter in her early thirties initiated a series of serendipitous events that led her to study Shamanism in the high Andes alongside the ancient Q’ero, last of the Incans, to practice and study yoga at the feet of yogis and mystics in India, and to study and teach Taoist energy principals here in the United States.


She currently resides in Boulder, CO. Lotus, an epic spiritual adventure, is her first novel.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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